On failure and why I love my wife

SESNA Garden Party

It’s hard to call any moment sipping lavender lemonade and eating cherries and blueberries in a garden a failure, but there we were, the three of us.

Therein was the failure. The afternoon was supposed to be a garden party potluck at the SESNA Community Garden. My wife Nicole is on the board there and helped organize the event.

The idea was to throw a social event to get people into the garden. Normally the only events were work parties or plant swaps, utilitarian gatherings meant for a purpose.

The garden, while a great spot to for people in the community to actually garden, is turning into a sort of park as well. This year a picnic table was made and donated and constant work by the board and other volunteers has made it a real pocket park.

Still, the space is used mostly just as a place to grow plants, not sit and sip a glass of lemonade with friends.

Nicole was trying to change that.

We waited, speaking with fellow board member Jan, and Nicole poured glasses for the three of us while they discussed roses and fox glove.

More than just wanting the event to be a success and get the garden more use, a columnist for the Statesman Journal’s South Salem Today section was stopping by, making a crowd more important.

When she showed up she was visibly disappointed, though politely so. Nicole explained that this was the first attempt and hopefully next time will go better.

So the party wasn’t newsworthy in that sense. I’m still proud of my wife.

She took a chance and failed, but there are so many people who never get to that point. I saw her try something courageous to promote something she cared about. While I was sad this one didn’t turnout the way she wanted to, mostly I was proud to watch her try.

There will be other chances. And I know she’ll take them.

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